Unique AI Technology

Our proven technology relies on more than a decade of research into state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) methods for computer games and online gaming. This unique technology provides you with a decisive edge over competitors.

Cheating/Fraud Detection

Using our proprietary AI, we provide the most accurate fraud and cheating recognition capabilities for online gaming, offering both a higher detection accuracy (close to 100%), and much faster detection (within minutes).

True Artificial Players

Our “true artificial player” (TAP) technology allows developing computer players which exhibit a human style of play for any game, allowing you to create the realistic illusion of a popular site from the very beginning.

Extensive Experience

We have built countless online gaming infrastructures, tailoring the environment to the specific needs of our clients. We provide a complete solution, from data centers and online gaming platform, to advanced AI.

About Us

Seerint is a cutting edge online gaming company, consisting of a small team of highly skilled technology experts with 15-25 years of experience in this field. The members of our team have vast experience in developing large scale systems which involve big data and advanced algorithms. We provide a complete online gaming solution, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our range of services include a complete online gaming platform (from hardware and data centers to complete gaming website with the most advanced technology).

Additionally, due to our unique AI technology, we provide our clients with a substantial edge over their competitors. These AI-based technologies include the most advanced fraud and cheating detection algorithms, and our proprietary "true artificial player" (TIP) technology. TIP automatically creates players for any game (e.g., poker, blackjack, etc.) which play realistically (cannot be distinguished from real human players under any circumstances). Thus, the online gaming platform with thousands of pseudo-human players attracts more customers due to the seemingly high number of pseudo-players already present.